Recovering organizational property issued to remote workers when they leave can be difficult and frustrating. Our clients report that the problem is growing and losses due to unreturned organizational property is mounting. For more than three years ForensicPathways, Inc. has successfully offered a powerful and effective solution. Not only can ForensicPathways, Inc. locate and recover computers, cell phones, tools, vehicles and other valuable items which were issued but not returned, we can recover files, records, client lists, and any trade secrets or intellectual property that may be in the possession of a former employee. Our approach begins with identifying the former employee’s new email address, current residential address, any currently registered vehicles, and his or her new place of employment and job title. Without using threats or intimidating calls and emails we politely communicate with the former worker and request the property we seek be immediately returned at our expense. When necessary, we contact the individual’s current employer and request assistance. Generally, the first outreach is the individual’s current supervisor or manager. If he or she is not immediately responsive we escalate and contact the Director of HR and/or executive management via telephone and/or registered mail (or both) and demand immediate cooperation.

If that cooperation is still not provided, we will contact the new employer’s Security Director, Ethics and Compliance Officer, Chief Legal Officer, and/or CEO. In the most extreme cases we contact law enforcement and facilitate the filing of a crime report and Form 1099 MISC with the IRS. In addition to potential criminal prosecution for theft of physical property and trade secrets by the local authorities, the IRS may seek taxes and penalties for unreported income relative to the value of the property which was not returned and compounded interest on the taxes which the former employee surely did not pay.

Civil ligation is also an option. Potential defendants of course include the former employee, but may also include his new manager and employer. In such cases we not only assist in the recovery of the property sought, we assist our client recover economic damages from both the former employee and his or her new employer.

Don’t waste your organization’s time and resources chasing former employees to recover the value property which they have not returned. Contact us and we’ll eliminate that burden and get your stuff just as fast and economically as if it were our stuff. Our highly effective asset recovery services are just a call away or email to learn more.