Our Beginnings

It all started with a simple idea thirty years ago. Our Founder and Chief Executive, Gene Ferraro at the time was an inexperienced, junior field investigator but recognized a remarkable opportunity. He realized that among those in the professional services industry who provided investigative and Human Resource consulting services rarely considered the customer’s return on investment. Most engagements in the private sector were driven by the single purpose of identifying problems and fixing them. Gene decided to change the business model. As his skills and experienced grew he imposed processes and other performance based businesses practices on himself and his team. Over the course of the next two decades he built not only his reputation but several successful professional service firms. In the process, he and his team members delivered a host of highly specialized investigative and HR consulting services to some of America’s most successful corporations and law firms as well as numerous municipalities and federal agencies. In 1999 he introduced one of the first web and email based whistleblower tip-line services. Today that service and the firm which owns it is still in existence and is now named Convercent, Inc. Serving thousands of client locations and millions of users in over a hundred and thirty countries, Convercent is now the second largest service provider of its kind in the world. To this day, he remains a substantial shareholder (of Convercent) and the technology he patented is still in use.

In May 2015, while still Convercent’s Chief Ethics Officer (he had stepped down as its CEO in 2012) he launched ForensicPathways, Inc. so as to continue to provide the professional services (corporate investigations, HR consulting, and training) Convercent had chosen to no longer offer. Thus, ForensicPathways, Inc. is the culmination of years of innovation, teamwork, and experience in the pursuit of returning its customers the highest return on their investment possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is use innovation and technology to consistently provide our client partners with sophisticated risk mitigation and loss prevention solutions which are superior in quality and value, while ensuring they receive the highest possible return on their investment.

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